Our Mission:

To make Art available for an easily attainable price, to empower everyone to make Art, and to give back to our community.

We have always believed that it is important for Art to be in everyone’s lives. Art is not just for an unattainable elite, it is to be enjoyed in our everyday lives giving richness to our surrounding and make great conversation starters.

Our mission is to have Art at a very affordable cost so you are able to have it in your space without worry of cost and enjoy multiple Artists without spending hundreds of dollars.

Buy Art!

Have you ever said the words “oh I’m just not creative” or “I wish I could do that neat stuff but…” We are here to tell you it’s been inside you all along! You ARE able to make Art. The cool part is, other people will love it just as much as you do! Everyone has different taste and we guarantee there is a love for your next Artwork out there. Regardless of your age and ability, you can make Art and it will be fun!

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Giving back is written into our mission for a reason. We are passionate about multiple causes and we want to help. We rotate charities so that we are able to give to multiple causes we are passionate about. In the past, Rosette Studios have given to arts, music, and animals. We will continue give to charities that are doing good in this world and making it a better place for everyone.

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Let’s get started! Buy some Art for a thoughtful gift, to make your house a home, get a valentine that’s so much better than a card, and make a dull space vibrant! You will be supporting Artists, kids that love to make, someone that never thought they could do it (but can!), and so many others.