We choose a new charity each year to benefit from our Miniature Art Show Online.

This year we are pleased to announce we are partnering with Queen City Rock Camp!



Our mission statement:

Queen City Rock Camp is a week-long summer day camp for girls, transgender youth, and nonbinary youth ages 9-18. We provide a safe, supportive space for our campers to grow and learn through rocking out! At Queen City Rock Camp, campers are encouraged to collaborate, express themselves, and build self-confidence through music. Campers learn an instrument, form a band, and perform a song before a live audience–not to mention engaging in lessons & workshops in things like printmaking, videography, meditation & more! (Last year’s virtual camp was a little different, but we had a ton of fun while eliminating contact in the interest of a healthy community. With safety always in mind and plans subject to revision, we are hoping to be able to get back together in 2021 and beyond!)

“I didn’t really want to perform in front of people, but I did it anyway and it was so much fun…I’m not as timid in front of people. I can talk to new people more easily than I did before, and I can approach people more easily.”

–N, camper

“QCRC really ROCKS!…She has been excited every day by what she has learned and done.”

–A, parent

2019 camp session. photo credit Shay Rainey
2019 camp session. photo credit Shay Rainey
2019 camp session. photo credit Shay Rainey