Hello DIY pioneer!

The process to enter the show through the DIY method is spelled out here!  If you feel like you would rather have everything done for you, check out our signup kit or project kit to enter the show.


I have always believed that it is important for Art to be in everyone’s lives.  Because of this, not only do we sell Art at a very affordable cost so everyone can have it, but everyone is also welcome to submit to our ever growing numbers of Miniature Art!

I hope you are excited because we are thrilled to show off YOUR Art.

Because this is a massive project, we do have guidelines, paperwork, and due dates.  We need you to follow the process so it is streamlined.  Simply follow the instructions below to submit your work. Thank you for your creative talents and we are so excited to see what you dream up!


Due Dates:  Artwork can be submitted at any time, however, we have 4 times a year that we upload and release a new collection of Artwork.  If Artwork is submitted between the due dates, it will be held until the next due date.

Due dates:

January 1st: For February 1st release date

April 1st: For May 1st release date

July 1st: For August 1st release date

October 1st: For November 1st release date


  1. Your entry entitles you to submit up to 20 Art pieces to the show.
  2. Every Artwork must be precisely 3″ x 3″
  3. Artwork must be done on high quality paper.  Watercolor or similar.
  4. You must pay the application fee for participation in the show.  HERE
  5. Artists that submit Art will be paid their portion of sold Art monthly (venmo) or bi-annually June and December (checks).  Fill out the appropriate information on the paperwork in order to receive your payment. 
  6. The back of every Artwork must include the following information in this order: Artist Name, Year work was completed, subject, Materials used, paper type, main colors used, additional info you want included.  (see below)
  7. The Mini Art Show reserves the right to not include any Artwork for any reason. that being said, we also want you to express yourself.  Keep in mind this is a family friendly show so there are some things that are not allowed.  If you have questions, error on the side of caution or message us using the contact form.   Things that are not allowed include vulgar language, bigotry, graphic nudity, sexualized content, and/or harmful or dangerous acts.
  8. You must be the creator of the Artwork.  No appropriated images that you pass as your own design.  If a portion of your design is using other’s content, such as fan art, we direct you to use Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in the Visual Arts  this will guide you in your decisions to use this material.


Print and complete in full the guidelines and form for DIY 10-21


Submit Artwork & paperwork through the mail at:

Mini Art Show

PO BOX 10142

Springfield MO 65808