There are so many contributing Artist to the Mini Art Show from full time Artists to first time creatives. These Artists would like you to take a closer look at their collections here in the Mini Art Show and offsite on their other pages.

If you would like to be featured, use our Contact Form to request more information.

Clyde J. Kell
To give the world beauty is an awesome and humbling power
Nicholas Struble
Works in Acrylic primarily employing techniques of color theory and influenced by fauvism.
Lee Dragon
I started drawing when I was six years old.
multi-disciplinary Artist that is always seeking new ways to explore the creative process.
Scott Sauer
my work consists of the weirdness that escapes my brain and exits...
Charles Koonce
Owner Rosette Studios
Charles is the engine behind Rosette Studios and the Mini Art Show.
Bridget Koonce
Owner Rosette Studios
striving toward a goal to make artwork in peoples’ lives a standard instead of the exception.