Choose from an option below to enter the show. If you are looking for suggestions, we love the Buy Art, Make Art Kit. It helps further our mission to support Artists and gives you all the tools you need to submit correctly.

Project Kit

Project Kits come with everything you need to make Art and participate in the show.  It comes with projects and materials to do it with.  Recommended for beginners or gifting to Artists to participate.

Click Here for project kit

Buy Art Make Art Kit

(Recommended) This kit is all about our mission. Everything you need to get started and a way to support an Artist right Now.

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Basic Kit

The Signup kit comes with paper to make your Art, participation forms, and an envelope to send it all back.  The participation fee is paid with purchase of the kit.  It makes signup easy!

Click Here for Signup Kit

A note if you see your work in the Mini Art Show Online without submitting.  The pieces that began the online version of this Mini Art Show came from our years offering it in our gallery in downtown Springfield, MO.  The pieces that are listed that started this online show are those that were never picked up.  Mainly the ones that were previously donated to charity.  These pieces are given a new online gallery life and the “artist” portion is going to charity just as intended.  If you have any other questions, please contact us.