Ditch the Roses on Valentine’s Day

I’m all for traditions, but a bunch of flowers, while beautiful, die in the end. Not quite how I want to express my never ending love on Valentine’s Day.

I propose this year, getting a unique piece of Art as the perfect gift for your love. It is affordable, unique, and you can get it gift wrapped!

First step is to get on the website and find your perfect Art piece. My favorite way to find new things is to use the search function. This lets you use your unique knowledge of your special someone and see if there is a piece out there just a click away! Try a favorite color or animal. You can also browse our Categories. Simply select Mini Art Gallery, then Categories, then look through them until something catches your eye!

You find the perfect piece. Fantastic! Next step. How do you want to give it to them? Just as is? In a Card? Gift wrapped? On every piece there are options so check them out! I would suggest a frame so it doesn’t get lost in a pile of papers. They are mini, after all.

Finally order it and let it come to you! Congratulations on finding the perfect gift! As a bonus you are supporting Artists, small business, and charity! All with that thoughtful gift.

Is your Significant Other or other Valentine the creative type? Try one of our kits to get them started making for our show. The Mini Art Show is easy to enter especially with our project kits!

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